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If you want to sell your business as fast as possible and for as much money as possible

....AND you want to do it without paying a broker

........ AND you need the security of Guaranteed Confidentiality

Then keep reading to learn how's
3 Step Buyer-Finding-System
can help you find a pool of pre-qualified buyers who are ready, willing & able to buy your business Now!



Dear Business Owner:

In a moment I'm going to tell you - in detail - how can help you sell your business faster, easier & without a broker. Even if....

  • You've never sold a business before and you don't know where to begin

  • You've been trying to sell for a year or more with no luck

  • You're in a highly specialized field with few qualified buyers

  • You're business has fallen on hard times in the past year or two and you are wondering if now is the right time to sell

  • You live in a rural area (or outside the United States) and there are few prospects around

  • You're in poor health and don't have much energy

The Formula

The entrepreneurs and small biz owners who have experienced the joy of selling their business know there is no magic voodoo to closing the deal quickly and at the best price.

Here's the formula:
...........You put your business in front of the biggest possible audience of potential buyers
........ you deploy a proven system for separating the qualified & motivated
prospects from the unqualified, unrealistic pretenders use only those systems and techniques that absolutely guarantee your confidentiality
......... and you invest your time with only those "rare few" who are Ready-Willing-And-Able to buy now.

Once you have this group of high quality prospects, everything will begin to move in your favor and it won't be long before you have sold your business for the highest price possible.' 3-Step Buyer-Finding-System

Step 1
We Use A Mix Of Paid Advertising, Public Relations Outreach, Search Engine Marketing and E-mail Campaigns To Bring Business Buyers From Around The World To - And Then Stay In Touch With Them Long After They First Visit Our Site.

  • 100,000 piece direct mail campaigns each quarter aimed at serious business buyers

  • Written up in Success Magazine, The Atlanta Journal Constitution and on
  • Listed on over 30 top search engines with top rankings for many relevant search terms on sites like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Windows Live and,

  • Yahoo! sponsorship. the exclusive sponsor of the businesses for sale section of the Yahoo! Directory:
    Business_to_Business / Business_Opportunities / Classifieds

  • Advertised in a dozen medium to large newspapers and business publications across the US and Canada(We promote in the expensive
    "Business For Sale" classifieds so you don't have to
  • Our twice-a-month E-mail Update is sent to over 8,000 business buyers who have joined our mailing list. This update lists all the businesses for sale by owner that have been added to in the previous two weeks with a clickable link back to the site so buyers can view your ad immediately

    Side Bar: All of our print and online advertising is highly focused solely to reach and appeal to people who want to buy an existing business. We don't even try to appeal to a general audience of "entrepreneurs" or "business opportunity seekers" - only people who want to buy an existing business and who want to talk to sellers who are for-sale-by-owner.


Step 2
We Pre-Qualify All Potential Buyers For You

  • This marketing and public relations drives thousands of people interested in owning a business to Here they can browse through all available businesses for sale in their area.
  • Your company is profiled here on in the "Browse Businesses For Sale " section with a description of your business type, size, general location, revenues and terms you are requesting Ė just enough information to get a buyer interested and wanting to know more. To protect your confidentiality, your name and phone number are not revealed to buyers. When you register you will also be given the opportunity to describe the highlights and strengths of you business in detail (but not too much detail - again, the idea is to get them interested so they will register in order to find out more.)
  • When a buyer is interested in your business, she registers in our Business Buyer Database. She must tell us about her preferred type of business, experience, credit history, available cash, how soon they intend to buy and more.


Step 3
All Buyers Are Referred Directly To You So You Can Decide
If They Meet Your Standards

  • When a buyerís qualifications and available down payment match your criteria (as specified in your "Confidential Sellerís Registration", which youíll fill out shortly), his or her name and buyer profile are immediately e-mailed to you. (We never provide the buyer with any information about you aside from what is publicly posted here on So your confidentiality is assured. Also, if after reviewing their profile, you feel that the prospect lacks the experience or financial strength to buy your business, you are under no obligation to contact them.) makes perfect use of the Internet's strengths - allowing you to reach a large audience of entrepreneurs while maintaining complete confidentiality. Use and your employees, suppliers and competitors won't know you're selling your business until you want them to know.

Imagine all the time you'll save having us pre-qualify all your prospects for you. Won't it be nice not to waste any more of your time with buyers who are not ready to buy or who don't have the cash that you require?

The perfect buyer for your business may be in our database right now!

Here Is The Best Part - The Price


When you want to sell your business, you have 3 options:

Option #1: You can have a business broker do most of the work finding prospects for you to negotiate with. This will cost you 10-12% of the value of your business in brokerís commissions. (People who prefer this option probably gave up reading a long time ago!)

Option #2: You can advertise on a web site that exists for the benefit of business brokers. You will pay more, have to compete with thousands of ads and you will have to screen the buyers yourself.

Or Option #3: You can list your business with A web site that exists to serve you: the small business owner who has made the decision to sell her business herself.

We will do all the work locating & qualifying buyers for you.

And the best part is that itís only $49.95 a month.

And you never pay a commission when you sell your business.

So the bottom line is: for just $49.95 each month,'s 3 Step Buyer-Finding System will:

  1. Give your company massive exposure to business buyers

  2. Maintain your confidentiality

  3. Pre-qualify each buyer for you according to your demands and.....

  4. Introduce you to the real buyers who are ready to close the deal


To list your business on Click The Blue Link

Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration"





Thank you for your help! I just sold my business last Thursday to the seventh (and last!) name you sent us - Bob Wiggins....Yeah!

Star Bradley, Former Owner -

Dear TheBizSeller:

It is with great pleasure that I inform you that we have found a buyer for our business after advertising with you for only two weeks.....Thank you so much for your help with selling our business. -

Jim Blake - JB Copy Shop (New Hampshire)


Thank you for all the interested parties you sent my way. I was surprised to see that much response! I think you provide a great service for anyone who is selling a business! -

Carol Leath - Former Owner - Hip Hair Salon (San Diego)


Thank you for your service. We have been running an ad for our business using and through you we have made our sale!!! ...The buyers are Shane and Aimee Volland of Key Largo.....

Thanks again,

Joli Cullen, Former Owner - Cullen Cutter Lawn Service (Florida)




Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration".




The Facts About How To Sell Your Business



FACT #1:   The Hardest Part Of Selling Your Business Will Be Finding The Buyer

Every other aspect of the sale is easy by comparison. And the really important stuff - you know, like closing the deal - are impossible to do without a buyer.

Now, you will notice that fact #1 says finding the "buyer" it doesn't say finding the "prospect".

That's because finding a prospect is easy.

Everyone is a "Prospect".

Just ask anybody and they will tell you that they dream of owning their own business............. some day.

But how many ever do?

How many even try?

We both know the answer to that question is few to none.

In fact, I no longer refer to a person who says they want to buy a business as a "Buyer". They are a "Buyer-Prospect" or just "prospect" for short.

Unless, and until, they actually buy a business they have not earned the title "Buyer".

And that leads us to Fact #2



FACT #2:   90% of "Buyer-Prospects" Never Buy Anything

The truth is that one study after another has shown that around 90% of people who respond to business-for-sale ads never buy anything.

But if you are not careful, it is exactly this 90% that you will spend (waste is a better word) the majority of you time with.

I first discovered this "Rule of 90%" in 1999 when I started And more recent studies in 2011 and 2014 have shown it's still true today. It's not a fad ....... it's not a temporary situation's a reality:

90% of the people who tell you they are a "buyer" can't , won't or don't ever buy a business.


Unfortunately, these dreamers love to respond to business for sale ads - there is this false belief among prospects that a business can be bought with no money down!

Sadly this delusion is wide spread and unless I miss my guess you are not really interested in educating these unprepared "prospects". How many people with this delusion do you want to talk to about your business?...... Exactly......... Zero!

But, unless you have a way to separate the 10% who are for real from the 90% who can't buy a stick of gum - and do it fast - these are exactly the types of people you will spend all your time with.

In the For-Sale-By-Owner community, this challenge of separating the real-deal buyers from the pretenders is the most important job you will have.

When all your time is spent with only legitimate buyer-prospects, every other aspect of selling your business will get a lot easier.

Here's Why: Every single important step in the selling process requires a qualified buyer in order for that step to be completed successfully. (The one exception would be those preparation steps you take in the early stages such as assembling your financial statements, obviously at that point you don't need a buyer to make progress.)

You can't successfully negotiate price and terms or complete due diligence or perform the closing unless - and until - you have a qualified & motivated buyer.

You can have all the well-intentioned prospects in the world - but you will get absolutely nowhere until you find a buyer.

And if you are constantly talking with, and providing confidential/sensitive information to, people who will never buy ...... then you will never sell!

That's why, if you want to sell your business quickly and for top dollar:


The last thing you need is just a another "Business For Sale" ad where anyone in the world can call you on the phone or send you an anonymous e-mail demanding confidential details about your business - all the while refusing to tell you anything about themselves.


But I'm getting ahead of myself.

For right now, let's focus on the flip side of the 90% Rule and that leads us to Fact #3



FACT #3:   When You Eliminate All The Unqualified, No-Money Prospects, There Are Fewer Qualified Buyers Than There Are Businesses For Sale

That rare 10% of prospects who actually buy a business know what they are doing.

They have money and they accept the fact that it is going to take a lot of their money if they want to own your business.

Here's What You Must Know About High Quality Buyer-Prospects: They have options!

If they are capable of buying your business then they are capable of buying someone else's business too.

And don't kid yourself; they will be investigating lots of other businesses besides yours. They will look at every business in their industry and location that interests them.

Since there are always more businesses for sale then there are qualified buyers you may not sell your business to the first buyer you meet. It is the rare business seller who sells to the first real prospect they come across.

Your first prospect may not be willing to pay your price - or they may just feel like someone else's business is a better fit for them.

It's just a fact of life: The first truly qualified buyer you find may very well choose someone else's business over yours.

It's nothing to get upset about.

It doesn't mean you won't succeed.

But it does lead us to Fact #4



FACT #4:   You Can Not Succeed With Just One Prospect....... You Must Develop A Pool Of Serious, Qualified & Motivated Prospects

There is an old saying in the business-for-sale field:

Having one buyer is the same as having none.

Remember, high quality prospects have options. Through no fault of your own they may choose someone else's business.

But if a high quality prospect does want your business above all the others out there on the market - and they are your only prospect - then that prospect will be in the driver's seat when it comes time to negotiate the price and terms that your business is ultimately sold for.

This prospect will delay, dicker and negotiate you down to your rock bottom price.

If you don't give them what they want they can, and very well may, move on to the next business - but what will you do?

You will be back at square one.

But, Let Me Ask You This ....... What if every time you sat down to negotiate with your best prospect you had a throng of equally qualified prospects "waiting in the wings"?

You would be in the driver's seat and you would be able to keep your price at its highest level.

And if that "best prospect" made unreasonable demands or for whatever quirky reason decided to buy a different business - no big deal.


Because, like the very best prospects, you will have options!


You will no longer be completely dependent on that one decent prospect so you won't have to cave in to their every demand.

It's amazing how buyer-prospects become very reasonable when they know 2, 3 or even 4 other prospects are interested in the same business. Suddenly they stop stalling and nitpicking and decide they want to close the deal NOW!

So here's the bottom-line truth about selling your business:

The key to your success will be your ability to find multiple buyer-prospects.... not a single buyer. And you will need a way to separate the good quality prospects from the no-money, no-motivation, no-clue Time-Wasters.

Or, to put it another way:



The last thing in the world you need is just another measly
business-for-sale classified ad



You need a system!




And not just any system

• You need a system that reaches the largest possible audience of buyers

• You need a system that lets you find out immediately just how qualified each prospect is

• You need a system that keeps the sale secret so your customers and employees don't know you are selling until you want them to know

You need a system that you can actually afford (12% commission to the broker is not my idea of affordable!)

• You need a system that is tailored exclusively to the For-Sale-By-Owner marketplace



Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration".





We would recommend your services to anyone who is selling a business. Thanks to you and your web site, we have sold our business to one of your registered buyers. The process was quick and easy. We were overwhelmed by the number of responses we received. Everyone we contacted was ready and eager to buy. We cannot thank you enough for your help selling our business.

Suzen Pickeral Former Owner, Alpine Tree Service (Florida)

Hello To

I have sold my business to a buyer I met through your service.....We closed the deal in under 45 days from our first meeting with the buyers.... This is a great way to sell a business !

Greg Garner, Former Owner -
E-Presentation Solutions Inc. ( Colorado)





For Sale By Owner Specialists - Online Since 1999


Since 1999 has been the Internet's only Business-For-Sale site that is exclusively "For Sale By Owner". In that time we have helped entrepreneurs of every conceivable type of small business find the one person who actually had the guts and the money to buy their business.

I am going to assume that if you have read this far you don't want to use a business broker to help sell your business (Or you have already tried that route and it was a waste of time and energy).

And if that is the case then you are in the right place.

Over the past 11 years we have refined and perfected our 3 Step Buyer-Finding System.

It's not magic - since I don't know anything about your particular business or if your asking price is in line with your company's actual performance - I can't guarantee you will sell your business.

But neither can a business broker or any of the Business Broker Supermarket sites on the web.

But I can assure you that we have buyer's in our database and on our mailing list, as well as new buyers who visit our site every day that are ready, willing and able to buy - even in this bad economy.

And because is exclusively For-Sale-By-Owner your business will not get lost in a sea of tens of thousands of broker listings like you'll find on the Supermarket sites like BizBuySell.




Thank you so much for your service. I have just completed a deal with one of the referrals you sent me... I think it is great that it only took 3 months start to finish....I will definitely tell my friends and associates about your service. Thank you,

Debra Faler
Former Owner - Gift Consultants, Inc. (California)




What Would It be Worth To You To Get The Price You Want For Your Business?


What if, instead of having just one decent prospect, you had two, three or even four motivated, qualified buyers all competing for the opportunity to buy your business?

How much higher will your selling price be? And how much more likely are you to get the price you want?.........Even if it took 2 or three months to find The Perfect Buyer ?

Compare paying $49.95 per month (that works out to $1.67 every day your business is available to buyers on to the value of selling your business for your desired price.

And it's not just the money that we are talking about here - compare $49.95/month to the peace of mind you'll have knowing the biggest business deal of your life is done. The money is in the bank and now you can get on with your life.

I'm serious - take some time right now to imagine what it will feel like once your business is sold.

How much better would your life be?............. Who will you be able to visit?............ Where will you be able to go?............. What will you be able to do that you can't do now?

Now ask yourself - what is it worth to have that feeling? It's priceless isn't it?

Based on my 12 years of experience online I can attest that the key to selling your business

ÖÖÖ.and experiencing that priceless feeling

ÖÖÖ. and getting your asking price

ÖÖÖ. and doing it quickly

ÖÖ is finding multiple qualified buyers while maintaining complete confidentiality. And that is exactly what our 3 Step Buyer-Finding- System has been created to do.




We have sold our day care center thanks to your service. It took a while but we sold to the very first person you sent us...I guess this means you can cancel our ad ha ha!

Elizabeth Mozella Former Owner - Tender Years Child Care Center (New York)



And remember:

***We specialize only in businesses for sale by owner....Your Confidential Profile doesn't have to compete with thousands of ads placed by business brokers

***There are no long term commitments on your part - You can cancel at anytime

***You pay no commission when you sell your business - just $49.95 per month for each month you are featured on

***We have been helping entrepreneurs just like you sell their businesses online since 1999




Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration".



This is where you tell us what requirements your buyer must meet.

Within one business day, the profile of your company will be posted here on in the "Browse Businesses For Sale By Owner" section where it can be viewed by thousands of buyers.

When a prospect that meets the criteria you have requested registers in our Business Buyer Database we will immediately e-mail you a profile of this buyer and a way for you to contact them.

Of course your public profile will not include your name or phone number.


Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration"



4 Special FREE Bonuses To Help You Sell Your Business

Congratulations! You are about to put your business out there in front of real buyers!

And as our way of saying Thank You for using I want send you 4 Free Bonus Reports that will help guarantee your success in selling your business.

These reports are detailed How-To guides that will walk you through each of the remaining steps in selling your business.

Here's what you will learn in your 4 free reports



How To Seize Complete Control Over The Selling Process
Understanding what motivates the buyer &
how to guide them step-by-step to a sale

In your first bonus report we will get you off on the right foot by giving you all the inside information and step-by-step directions so you will always know exactly what to say and do with your buyer.

Here is just some of what you will learn in Bonus Report #1:

  • How to grab control of the sales process from the very first moment you talk to your prospect
  • 3 things that are more important to your buyer than money - here's where we show you how to push their hot buttons so that they want your business at your price

  • 11 questions you must ask each prospect Ė if you do, youíll know for certain that they are legitimate buyers. And youíll know what it is going to take to get them to sign on the dotted line
  • How to protect your confidential information while still showing the buyer the real value of your business
  • How to get the most qualified and motivated buyers to choose your business over all the other businesses that are for sale ..... without lowering your price!


How To Maximize Your Selling Price
You can get the price & terms you want when you have this game plan


In Bonus Report #2 we pick up where we left off in Bonus Report #1 and show you - in detail - how to put together an actual deal that works for you and the buyer.

And if you are offering financing, we will show you the right way to arrange things so that you not only get the best price possible, but you also make sure you get all your money ASAP. Here are just of few of the topics we will cover:

  • The two big mistakes that will guarantee a lower selling price and how you can avoid making these mistakes
  • How to get the buyer to stop asking for price concessions by offering them options...... and whichever option they choose - you win!

  • The minimum down payment you must demand - if the buyer can't meet this demand then they aren't qualified to buy your business
  • The maximum length of time you should allow for the buyer to pay you - any longer and you're playing with fire
  • 9 different ways you can protect your interests if you offer the buyer financing - in other words, Here's how to insure you get paid!




How To Sail Through The Due Diligence Process
Prepare For Due Diligence So Things Go Smoothly


The due diligence process means you are coming down the home stretch: you have a real buyer and you have agreed on price and terms. Due diligence is just a fancy term for the period when the buyer gets to look at your business in close detail to make sure everything is as you have presented it. If you have done things right up to this point the due diligence period should be short, efficient and drama free! In this all-important report we will help you make that happen. Here's what you get:

  • A checklist of items you will need to have available to the buyer.

  • A list of the most common issues that arise during this phase and how you can cut them off at the pass.
  • Advice and guidance about how you should check the buyer's background. Due diligence is a two-way street - you get to check out the buyer and all his claims too. And we show you exactly how to do it so you know for sure that you are selling to just the right person.




The Closing Process
How To Do It Right So You Can Get Your Money & Go Home!


Closing The Deal - the proverbial crossing of the "T"s and dotting of the "I"s. This is the step where professionals such as your lawyer will earn his or her money. Still, you need to have an understanding of the process and what you will need to prepare. We will get you ready with checklists and an overview/explanation of the sales contract.

Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration".

Listing your business on will give you the high quality prospects you need. And your 4 free bonus reports will give you the know-how you need to sell your business quickly and for top dollar.

To list your business on and to receive your 4 free bonus reports: Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration". This is where you tell us what requirements your buyer must meet.

And Remember:

...You take no risk

...You pay no commissions when you sell

...Your confidentiality is guaranteed

....You can quit at any time and

....You will receive 4 free bonus reports that will help close the deal quickly and for the best price!



We look forward to helping you sell your business as quickly as possible and for as much money as possible.



Pat Jennings - Selling Businesses Online since 1999

Click here to complete your "Confidential Sellerís Registration"


P.S. That's all there is to it.... Your company profile will be posted within one business day. When potential buyers that meet your criteria register in the Business Buyer's Database, we will automatically e-mail you with their completed Business Buyer Registration information.

P.P.S. Your 4 Free Bonus Reports will be e-mailed to you shortly after your profile is posted.

P.P.P.S. Remember - is exclusively For-Sale-By-Owner. Your "Confidential Seller's Profile" will not get lost in a sea of thousands of business broker ads. Brokers are not welcomed here, this site is only for owners like you.


Sell your business now - Click here to complete your
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